Expert reports and appraisals in the art field

Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk produces scholarly expert reports and appraisals for your art collection. 

Expert reports:

An expert report contains a declaration of authenticity that makes clear whether art objects are authentic and whether they are in fact by the stated artist and originate from the specified period of origin—in short, whether the artwork is in fact an original or a copy. A supplementary assessment of its condition analyses the extent to which the work is by the artist’s own hand. This relates to overpaintings, reworkings, additions and changes made by another hand and to the authenticity of the signature.

Valuation reports:

A valuation report establishes the artwork’s effective market value at the time on the international art market.

Summary reports:

Summary reports provide an insight into the artwork’s period of origination and the particular style or art-historical significance indicated. You will discover from this evaluation how your paintings or antiquities are to be valued. This appraisal contains a determination of the current market value.

Specialist reports:

Specialist reports are expert reports (see above) that also include the expert appraisal of art experts with a subject specialism.

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