Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk

Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk, based in Munich, operates in the international art trade. Whether from Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, China or Russia. The gallery only presents first-rate original works for sale. 

The works we offer include sculptures, graphic artworks and paintings. We specialise in Old Masters, from the 16th century to classical Modernism. There is an emphasis on Impressionism and Expressionism. Our most sought after artists include Max Liebermann, Emil Nolde, Lovis Corinth, Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner and Alexei von Jawlensky. 


Selling at the Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk in Munich

For reasons of discretion, we cannot put every available work on public display. We are happy to respond to your enquiries about specific paintings or artists. If we can offer your desired requests, we will happily provide you with more detailed information.

At our gallery in Munich, you will obtain fair and attractive market prices for sculptures, graphic works and paintings.