Wealth-building through artworks and art collections

Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk supports you in building valuable collections and in the purchase of artworks. The gallery’s specialists provide independent consultancy for financial advisors and tax advisors. In the assistance we support you from the conversion of cash assets through to long-term sustainable investments in the art domain.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Art-historical documentation:
you receive a detailed art-historical consideration and valuation of your artwork. We draw up art-historical classifications in terms of the styles and periods of art history. We provide unsigned or anonymous artworks with an attribution to an artist or artist’s circle by means of a stylistic critical analysis. 

Damage assessment and damage reports:
Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk advises you on the insurance of a collection or a work so that in the event of damage you are appropriately reimbursed. As art prices are subject to variation, valuations from previous years rarely correspond to the current art market prices. It is therefore recommended that you arrange for valuations to be updated from time to time. 

In the event of damage, we determine with you the most important questions:

- How high was the art-market price before the damage?
- How high to set the actual, but also the ideal and historical loss?
- What kind of repair and restoration is appropriate?
- How high are the estimated restoration costs?
- How high to set the reduction in value, including following restoration?

Repair work - restoration
Every restorer has a specialist field. Kunstsalon Franke-Schenk has an excellent network of restorers. With appropriate specialists, we are glad to commission a professional restoration in accordance with the art field and damage incurred. 
Prior to any repair, it is also necessary to determine on a professional basis the restoration expense that corresponds to the value of an artwork. Advice as to how far a restoration measure should and may go is therefore extremely useful. In this way the extent of restoration is matched to your artwork.

We seek to ensure that your property is treated correctly for its style and materials and that the value of your investment is maintained.